The results of the analysis

First of all, Dana uses a variety of techniques in “Why Literature Matters” to convey arguments to his audience. He uses strategies that help him convince the audience. In this case, the following elements should be distinguished: evidence, reason and various stylistic means.

The passage from this work is actually very interesting and unusual. So, the student wrote her own essay, in which she explained how Dana used arguments that are the key to persuasion.

In general, the student gave many examples from the passage and was able to show the logical connection between sentences and ideas. She provided a real logical argument and was able to analyze the information in the passage. In the end, the student received good scores.

In summary, it can be summarized the 3 stages of the SAT essay, namely reading, analysis and writing. During the reading process, the student demonstrated good skills and showed a full understanding of the text. She was able to prove the connection between the main idea of the work and additional elements. Moreover, the student was able to understand the main idea and paraphrase it. And it is definitely a victory! As a result, the SAT essay proved that the student has a high level of reading comprehension.

In addition, the student analyzed the information from the text well. She demonstrated good analytical skills as well as comprehension of the text. The student conducted various analytical studies and was able to explain all the arguments of the author. She clearly highlighted the main points of the text and explored the relationship between arguments and the impact on the audience.

And of course, it is worth mentioning the writing process. The student’s writing was at the highest level. She received a high score. She wrote a clear and informative introduction that fully met the author’s purpose. The student gave many examples of words, structures and other elements that the author used in his work.

In general, the student coped with the SAT essay. She received high scores as well as showed a good result.

Why is the SAT essay so important?

In fact, this essay is not so important because it is optional. Not all higher education institutions require it from students. Nevertheless, most universities and colleges are interested in all of a student’s language skills and testing their readiness for student life.

The SAT essay is a good way to test a student’s knowledge. It shows writing, reading and analytical skills that help the student identify key information and be able to explain it. The main purpose of the essay is to check the student’s abilities and skills. If a student passes the SAT test or essay in flying colors, then they are ready to enter the university of their dreams.

In general, the Essay consists of three parts: analysis, reading, and writing. These parts are interconnected because they help to identify arguments in the text and explain their impact on readers or audiences. Students must use all of their mental skills to do this.

The SAT test is also quite interesting. It can be more linguistic in nature, such as reading or writing, as well as more mathematical. If you take the SAT math test then be prepared to answer a variety of questions. The questions are very interesting and differ in the level of complexity.