About content and format

If your university or college requires the Essay, then you definitely need to complete this task. First of all, the test includes not only a test of your mental abilities such as reading, writing, comprehension, but also words that often occur in texts of higher complexity. You will face a variety of content. Your topic can be related to any field of science such as literature, history or the humanities. The choice is extremely large. The test also includes analysis of tables, diagrams or charts. It includes the following tests: writing and reading. You will be asked various questions that must be answered. They will determine your understanding of the passage and your ability to process information.

Command of evidence is the basis of a Writing test. Here you will need to analyze the structure of the passage, its sentences as well as understand their meaning. During the test, you will be asked how the author builds arguments and what tools or devices they use to convince the audience in their words. The SAT test invites you to explore a key concept, namely evidence. You will need to use all your mental abilities and experience to do this.

You should not write in your essay whether you agree or disagree with the author. You need to understand what techniques the author uses, how they convince the audience and the main secrets in their work. You need to have good skills and abilities to pass this test. It can be a real challenge for the student, which evaluates all their previous knowledge.

Once you pass this test, you get points for it. The most witty students will be satisfied with their results.

What other tests are there?

In addition to the Reading and Writing test, there is also a Math test. This test is one of the most difficult, but at the same time one of the most effective for your brains. It includes a test of knowledge of Algebra, information and data analysis and an introduction to higher Math. You will have to show how you work with percentages, fractions and other mathematical categories. Due to this test, you will learn different laws of mathematics and, moreover, will be able to cope with more complex tasks. Brainstorming is guaranteed.

In general, you will have to work with a historical and scientific context that has specific concepts, words, and laws. You will need to read and understand the text to answer the questions.

The SAT takes 3 hours, but you’ll be given only 50 minutes for the SAT Essay.

Evaluation and scoring

It is important to note that each test is evaluated separately. Your task is evaluated by two scorers. There are two big sections: Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. If you have shown yourself perfectly in all three aspects (reading, writing, analysis), then, of course, you’ll get a high score. In general, the SAT is scored out of 1600.

In addition, if you want to get the perfect score for your essay, you need to be confident in the following aspects:

– Your analysis is well-thought out and clear.

– The structure of your essay meets all the requirements and standards as well as is correct.

– You correctly understood the essence of the information and explained the arguments of the author.

Don’t forget to analyze the text to the last detail.