The main secrets of scoring

The most important thing is that the SAT is scored out of 1600. The evaluation system consists of subscores and cross-section scores. Scorers evaluate your task based on these two categories. In the end, you get an overall score which is called total. You can get a maximum of 1600 scores, but mostly students get 800-100 scores.

It is also very important to highlight the section scores in the evaluation system. They determine your success in the following sections:

  • Writing or reading.
  • Math.

According to the rules, each section is evaluated at 800 scores. As a result, you can get 1600 scores in total. Moreover, if you need to write the SAT Essay, then you will receive your scores separately. Essay evaluation is based on three criteria: writing, analysis and reading.

In addition, you can get extra scores to the basic scores if you show good results in a certain field of science. Therefore, if you want to get these extra scores, you need to complete the task well as well as use all your writing and analytical skills. Students earn 1 point for each correct answer.

The scoring system is also not difficult. There is a score breakdown which distributes scores according to the task you performed. If we talk about test scores, they are divided between reading and writing and Math sections. In total, you can get 80 points. You get cross-test scores according to the number of correct answers to the questions. This applies to both sections (reading-writing and Math). And last but not least is about subscores. They are got separately according to your skills in a particular area. In general, this is what the evaluation system looks like. Everything is very simple and clear.

How to get the most scores?

Of course, every student dreams of getting the most scores. And in fact, it is possible. But this requires a good preparation for the SAT and the ability to use your skills and critical thinking. You need to remember that this test involves not only writing but also analyzing information. You need to learn how to analyze sentences well as well as highlight the main ideas in them. If you know how to do this, then it will not be difficult for you to understand the author’s system of arguments and how they are built. Moreover, you also need to answer the questions correctly if you take the test. The more correct answers, the more scores you can get.

The main purpose of the SAT is to measure your readiness to enter university or college. So, the more scores you get, the greater the opportunity you has to enter your dream university.

What does the SAT consist of?

It consists of two sections, namely evidence-based reading and writing and Math. The SAT is multiple-choice test. You need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to use all your linguistic, analytical and writing skills to pass this test. Each section is evaluated separately and consists of different stages. The Math test is based on the questions. You just have to give the right answers on them. And the other section is related to your language skills. Here you analyze, process as well as present information. Success depends on your understanding of the text and its content.