How does the SAT Essay work?

The SAT Essay asks you to use your analysis, writing and reading skills. It is an ordinary writing assignment that is typical of universities and colleges. The task includes the following steps:

– Reading a passage.

– Explaining how the author expresses their ideas, builds arguments and convinces readers.

– Write an explanation of how you understand the passage and the author’s arguments that are used to persuade the audience.

This task does not require you to explain your personal experience or opinion about the passage. All the information you need to write your essay will be included in the passage. Today, the Essay is very popular with students, although it is optional. It is important to note that students enjoy such task because they can test their skills due to it. Analyzing your own mental abilities is always a good idea. Moreover, even if at first it may be a difficult task for you, later it will turn into a real linguistic pleasure.

How do students feel about the SAT Essay?

As it has been already mentioned, this is a really good experience for any student. Scoring consists of three parts: reading, analysis and writing. Let’s analyze each of them in detail.

Reading is the first step. It shows your comprehension of the passage. If you understand it correctly, you can easily paraphrase it as well as use all the important quotations. You need to briefly summarize the main idea of the text and highlight all the key points. It is worth remembering that you need to pay attention to even the smallest details of the text. It will help you read the text carefully and understand it. You can use your own words to convey information.

Text analysis is responsible for your analytical skills. It shows how you understood the text and analyzed its structure or ideas. At this stage, you begin to analyze and explain how the author constructs arguments and uses them. These arguments create a so-called communicative effect on the audience. Analysis shows and develops your skills to analyze different information.

Well, writing is the last step in the SAT Essay. It demonstrates your ability to use the language. It is possible to say that writing is a short and clear presentation of the passage. You show your understanding of the text, its main ideas and analyze the arguments of the author.

Given all the above, it can be said that this task is really very interesting and informative. It allows you to develop different mental abilities that are the key to a successful student and person.

Other features of the SAT Essay

The essay has many features, but it is worth noting the following:

– It is optional. It means that not all universities require it to be written.

– It is used to test analytical, writing and reading skills.

– It may sound difficult, but in fact it is not.

– In general, analysis is the most difficult part for students. First of all, it is because of different understandings of the same passage.

– In most cases, students successfully cope with this task and it’s cool!

The SAT Essay has both advantages and disadvantages, but still here you can find many bright sides that will help in the future. So, consider all the above tips and earn the highest point for your essay!