What is the SAT Essay?

First of all, it should be noted what the SAT essay is. It is one of the types of tests that universities or colleges sometimes require students to take. It is becoming more and more popular today as it provides an opportunity to show the analytical and writing skills of the student. Moreover, these are key skills. They are the key to your success at the university.

Therefore, if you want to succeed in the future and enter the university of your dreams, you need to be ready for the SAT essay. The main purpose of the Essay is to test how you analyze how arguments work. But it must be remembered that the SAT essay is optional, as not all universities require it. According to all the requirements of this process, you have only 50 minutes to analyze and complete the Essay. It is one of the best ways to learn how to write an essay correctly as well as analyze the information in it.

What does the SAT Essay analysis involve?

The most important thing that analysis involves is your reading skills. In this way, you read the text and analyze the author’s ideas. These can be various facts, thoughts or hidden hints. Moreover, you begin to realize how ideas are interconnected and what methods the author uses to do so. You also begin to understand what stylistic and emotional means are used to express ideas.

As a result, you should write your own essay in which you explain how the author’s arguments work. You write your own thoughts about their methods and stylistic devices. It is very important to fully analyze the text from different aspects. The main goal of the author is to convince readers or the audience, while your main goal is to explain how the author managed to do it. Everything is very simple. You just need to use all your mental skills to complete this task at the highest level. You do not have to be an expert on a topic, as the task does not require it. All you need to do is identify persuasive arguments or facts, analyze and explain them. Claims and evidence are keywords of the SAT Essay.

How is the essay evaluated?

First of all, your essay is evaluated according to three categories: reading, analysis and writing. These are the three main elements that determine the success of the task. Two scorers will evaluate your essay. They will take into account all the above elements as well as analyze them.

The first and most important element is usually analysis. It shows how well you have analyzed the text and its content, and determines how you have explained the author’s arguments. Analysis is an integral part of the Essay. This is the best way that shows how you understood the author’s claims.

Reading is also no less important. It shows how you understood the text, information and ideas in it. After reading, you can use a variety of stylistic devices and tools to show your understanding of the text and its content. Therefore, you need to be very careful to read and explain the text effectively.

Writing is the basis of  the SAT essay. It determines how effectively and skillfully you use language as well as writing skills. Writing includes the correct structure of the essay, the ability to combine ideas and choose the right words. In this case, two scorers focus their attention on your writing skills.